How can I watch ELEVEN SPORTS?

ELEVEN SPORTS is available online at and our mobile and tablet apps can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

How do I register for ELEVEN SPORTS?

To register for ELEVEN SPORTS, visit our website and create an account

How do I subscribe to ELEVEN SPORTS?

Once you have created an account you can choose which subscription package you would like, and begin watching our channels immediately.

How do I unsubscribe from ELEVEN SPORTS?

To unsubscribe from ELEVEN SPORTS, please email with your request

How much does ELEVEN SPORTS cost?

We have the following ELEVEN SPORTS passes available:

Annual Pass: Full access to a winning line-up of sport on Eleven, Eleven Sports and Eleven Plus. Your Annual Pass will last for 365 days starting from the time of purchase, and will automatically renew each year until the subscription is cancelled. Price: $214.90 per year or $19.90 per month

Monthly Pass: Full access to a winning line-up of sport on Eleven, Eleven Sports and Eleven Plus for 30 days starting from the time of purchase, which will automatically renew each month until the subscription is cancelled. Price: $24.90 per month.

You will not be charged for content without going through our online payment process and receiving email confirmation

Which teams, leagues and competitions will I be able to watch?

When you purchase an ELEVEN SPORTS pass you gain access to our action packed Eleven Plus, Eleven and Eleven Sports channels.

Eleven Plus is a channel dedicated to the Premier League and will broadcast 3 of the top Premier League matches LIVE every week. The channel will also feature 8 guaranteed top clashes, another 3 matches on a delayed basis each week. There will also be more great ancillary content from the clubs to provide fans with a comprehensive Premier League experience.

Eleven is a channel entirely dedicated to the best live football from around the world, including the Emirates FA Cup, EFL Cup (formerly known as Capital One Cup) and English Football League, Italian Serie A TIM, Scottish Professional Football League and Campeonato Brasileirao Serie A, as well as club channels of Arsenal and AC Milan.

Exciting multi-sport channel Eleven Sports offers a range of premium live sports tailored to the local audience, including baseball, basketball, badminton and table tennis. There will also be more top level football, and key properties include the Badminton Asia Championships, selected ATP 250 tennis tournaments, WBSC Premier12, ACB Liga Endesa and ITTF Table Tennis (from 2017).

Where can I find the programming schedule?

For further programming information please visit

How many football matches will I have access to?

Every week, ELEVEN SPORTS NETWORK selects the best live football matches from its world-class line up. On average you can look forward to approximately 30 live matches per week, including 3 Live Premier League matches, with a number of games also available via delayed broadcast.

I am an existing Singtel TV or Toggle sports subscriber. Will I need to pay extra to enjoy ELEVEN SPORTS via the web and mobile applications?

Yes, even though you are a Singtel TV or Toggle sports subscriber, you will need to pay to enjoy the ELEVEN SPORTS service as it is not part of your existing subscription.

For Singtel TV customers, you can however watch Eleven Plus (Ch 103), Eleven (Ch109) and Eleven Sports (Ch110) via your Singtel TV set-top box and the Singtel TV GO app.

For Toggle customers, you can enjoy all 3 channels from Eleven Sports Network via the Toggle app or

Why is there no daily or weekly pass available?

We believe consumers look for the best value when it comes to watching their favourite sports content. Our monthly subscription starts from just $19.90 and offers consumers a more economical option than the cost of a daily or weekly pass. With the new monthly subscription rate, subscribers can look forward to a premium sports content line-up on Eleven, Eleven Sports and Eleven Plus including the Premier League, Emirates FA Cup, EFL Cup, English Football League, Italian Serie A TIM, and much more world-class sports entertainment.

I’ve forgotten my username or password

Your Username will be the email address you registered your account with. If you don’t know what this is then contact ELEVEN SPORTS support via email

If you have forgotten your Password, choose sign-in at the top right of the screen and click the link that says ‘Forgot Password’ This will take you to a screen that asks for your email address. Enter your email address associated with your ELEVEN SPORTS account and you will receive an e-mail containing your password.

I want to change my password

Once you are signed-in to your ELEVEN SPORTS account visit the ‘My Account’ section where you will be able to access the ‘Change Password’ option.

Is my payment on your site secure?

Payment on our site is very secure and has been tested thoroughly prior to the launch of our service. We work closely with all the relevant parties to ensure we are constantly updating our security solutions for users at all times.

How can I pay for ELEVEN SPORTS?

ELEVEN SPORTS currently accepts MasterCard &Visa (debit and credit card), Amex, JCB and PayPal for payment. More payment modes will be made available soon.

In what countries is your service available?

ELEVEN SPORTS is currently available in Singapore, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and Taiwan. The content available in each country varies in accordance with the broadcast rights we hold there, and you will only be able to use ELEVEN SPORTS in the country where you have purchased your subscription.

Can I still watch if I’m travelling overseas?

No, subscribers in Singapore will only be able to use ELEVEN SPORTS in Singapore. This is due to the terms of our broadcasting rights we hold for our premium sports content.

What devices will ELEVEN SPORTS be available on?

You will be able to access ELEVEN SPORTS via web, mobile and tablet provided your devices meet the minimum system requirements. We will look to add more devices in the future so please follow our social media channels for the latest developments.

When will my payment be taken?

All ELEVEN SPORTS packages will be charged at time of purchase. Renewal payments will then depend on the package you have purchased. The Monthly Pass will renew every 30 days and the Annual Pass every 365 days.

For any issues regarding payment, please contact us at

Is there ‘Video-On-Demand’ available?

Yes, our video section is available for free on web and within our Android and IOS apps. Click here to watch all the latest clips and highlights from our Eleven, Eleven Sports and Eleven Plus channels.

How do I change the channel within “WATCH LIVE”?

You can easily change the channel via the Watch Live section by selecting your choice from the dropdown menu (mobile) or tab (web & tablet)

Can I watch on different devices at the same time?

Your subscription allows you to watch our premium sports content on one device at a time.

What causes the quality of my stream to change?

In order to ensure the stream remains continuous at all times, the player is configured to adapt the quality of the stream according to the strength of your internet connection. It will stream content at the highest possible quality given these factors at any given time. If you are consistently having problems with the quality of your stream, please check your internet connection or contact us at

I am having trouble subscribing or signing in.

Please contact us at with details of the problem you are experiencing and we will be more than happy to assist you in resolving the issue.

I am watching the stream but there’s a problem with the audio or video.

Please contact us at with details of the problem you are experiencing and we will be more than happy to assist you in resolving the issue.

What is the minimum system requirement to use ELEVEN SPORTS on my laptop or mobile devices?

Minimum Windows Requirements: Pentium 4 2.4GHz, or higher, or equivalent AMD processor with a minimum of 1GB of memory. One of the following operating systems: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or greater. Adobe Flash Player 11.0 or later: Video adapter and monitor: 1280×800 resolution or higher, hardware acceleration-capable graphics card

Minimum Mac Requirements: Intel Core Duo 1.5GHz with a minimum of 1GB memory. Mac OS X 10.5.6 or later. Adobe Flash Player 11.0 or later: Video adapter and monitor: 1280×800 resolution or higher, hardware acceleration-capable graphics card

Minimum iOS Requirements: 8.0 and above

Minimum Android Requirements: 4.0 and above

What is the minimum connectivity requirement to access ELEVEN SPORTS?

-ELEVEN SPORTS will provide the optimal video quality depending on the current download bandwidth of your Internet connection, up to a maximum of 3MB. The video player uses adaptive bandwidth technology to periodically check your Internet connection and deliver you the optimal video quality experience for that connection. If the available bandwidth changes as you watch a game, the picture quality will fluctuate.

What browsers does the ELEVEN SPORTS support?

-32-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later:

-64-bit Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later.

-Firefox 3.6 or later:

-Chrome 12 or later:

-Safari 5 or later: