All subscribers of the Premier Plan will be transitioned to our new Value Plan.
This new Plan will offer access to the
+ One (1) CLUB Channel (either MUTV or CHELSEA TV).

1. WHO will be transitioned to the new subscription Plan?

All existing subscribers of the Premier Plan will be transitioned to the new Value Plan.

This includes all:
Premier Monthly Pass ($24.90/Month);
Premier Annual (Pay Monthly) Pass ($19.90/Month);
and Premier Annual Pass ($214.90/Year)

2. What if I subscribed via a DIFFERENT PROVIDER?

If you subscribed to Eleven Sports via Toggle (TOGGLE SPORTS MANIA);


M1 (M1 Fibre Sports Bundle)

You will need to contact your respective provider via the contact details below:





3. What if I am subscribed to the ELEVEN SPORTS PLAN?

If you are currently subscribed to the:
Weekly Sports Pass ($0.99/Week); or
Annual Sports Pass ($39.90/Year)

then you will be able to continue on this plan until your current subscription term ends.

For Annual Subscribers, the term will end one year after initial subscription.

For Weekly Subscribers, the term will end 52 Weeks after initial subscription.

4. WHEN will this transition occur?

All Eleven Premier Plan Subscribers will be notified of the transition by email on the 1st of June 2017.
The transition will take effect by the 16th of June 2017.

5. HOW will this transition occur?

An email notification will be sent to Eleven Premier Plan subscribers, notifying them of the change.
By default, subscribers will be transitioned to a plan with the MUTV Club Channel.

Subscribers who wish to choose Chelsea TV can click HERE.

Subscribers who do not wish to have their accounts automatically transitioned
can click on a link in the email and go through a short process to request a refund.

If there is no response, subscribers will be automatically transitioned to the Value Plan
with the MUTV channel selected by default.
The Club Channel can be changed after the transition of subscription has been completed.

6. WHAT will my new subscription be like?

The new Eleven Value Plan will include 3 channels

The ELEVEN and ELEVEN SPORTS channels will include compelling Live and Exclusive content like:
Emirates FA Cup
Italian Serie A
FIFA World Cup Qualifiers from Europe and South America
Official Home Internationals for England and Singapore
FINA World Championships
Badminton Asia Championships
PSA Squash World Tour
ITTF Table Tennis
Selected Content from LFCTV (Liverpool FC)
Selected Content from Arsenal Media
Selected Content from Chelsea TV

MUTV and CHELSEA TV are dedicated club channels.
They offer exclusive content such as:
Pre-Match and Post-Match Analysis
Highlights and debates around each match
Exclusive documentaries and interviews
Full replays of all matches played
Live coverage for all Pre-Season friendlies
Same Day Delayed Coverage of:
Premier League
EFL (League) Cup
FA Cup
European Competition

7. HOW MUCH does the new subscription cost?

The new Value Plan subscription will be charged at:

8. How will you calculate my NEW PERIOD OF SUBSCRIPTION?

The length of your new period of subscription will be as follows:

Premier Annual Pass:

[((Number of Days Remaining on Subscription ÷ 365 Days) x 12) x 2.16]

+ 3 Months Free Subscription at end of Term


If you Subscribed to Eleven Sports Premier Annual Pass on the 13th of August 2016,

You will have 58 Days Remaining on your subscription on the 16th of June 2017.

(58 ÷ 365) x 12) x 2.16] + 3 = 7 Additional Months

Your new subscription term will end on the 16th of January 2018

9. CAN I transition to a Plan WITHOUT A CLUB CHANNEL?

No, the Value Plan is not available without one of the selected Club TV Channels.

10. Can I CHANGE my Club TV Channel?

Yes, after your initial selection, you can change your selection of Club TV.

11. What if I DON'T WANT the New Value Plan?

If you do not wish to transition to the Eleven Value Plan
you can click on the link in the notification email stating
that you do not wish to be transitioned.

This will trigger an email to the system indicating your request for:
Your subscription be terminated
To receive a Refund (Applicable for Annual Premier Subscribers)

Our system will then refund the appropriate amount to your account.

You will be notified by email once the refund has been processed.

You will have the option to leave the Eleven Value Plan until the 30th of November 2017.
Any refund made during this period will be pro-rated charges based on days remaining.

Annual Premier Pass Users who submit their request to terminate after the
30th of November 2017 will not be entitled to a refund

12. How will you calculate my REFUND AMOUNT?

Your refund will be calculated as:

(Number of Days Remaining ÷ 365) x Original Amount Paid for Subscription

You subscribed to the Eleven Sports Annual Premier Pass on the 13th of August 2016
You have 58 Days remaining on your subscription.
You originally paid $214.90 for your annual subscription.

58 ÷ 365 x 214.90 = $34.15

13. Contact

If you require further information or clarification
you can email us at